OCPP Server

Latest technologies for performance and stability

  • Support OCPP 1.6 & 2.0 with Web socket transports
  • Dynamic load balance capable of utilizing external meters
  • Using cloud technology for scalability and availability
  • Monitoring performance of server and chargers
  • Data backup
  • Audit of the principal actions.

Mobile application

Latest Maximal simplicity for the ease of use

  • Driver only needs to provide easy authentication to sign up
  • Ability to pay with credit card and UPI payment for charging
  • Multi-language interface
  • Different currencies for different home countries of the drivers
  • Integration with navigational applications
  • Charger reservation
  • White Label is possible for certain markets.

Web-interface for operator

Effective tools for station owners

  • Flexible multifactor tariff system, based on pay per kilowatt or pay per minute charging
  • Link RFID cards to drivers
  • Bonuses to drivers
  • Powerful reporting system
  • Receive alerts in case of emergency